The International Hadith Studies Network IHSN was created to facilitate the circulation of all kinds of information related to Hadith studies among scholars who work with Hadith narratives. It should also further discussions about important topics and issues outside conferences and help organise future events relevant to the field. And since Hadith narratives are present in all the different branches of Islamic studies since the first  centuries of Islamic history until today, it will foster contacts between scholars who work on different periods, topics or sources.

If you would like to join our network, request access to our blog through hcommons or contact us. As a member, you will be able to access previous posts and to add new ones. You can decide how you want to be informed about the new information posted on our blog. You will also have direct access to all the members of our network whom you can contact personally or through our forum if you want to ask a question, have specialised opinions or offer your expertise.

The languages of this group are Arabic, English, and German.

The members of the group are responsible for respecting copyright laws. It is not allowed to share with the list copyrighted materials.The members of the list agree to respect the ideas of all the group members by keeping a decent and respectable tone when engaging in discussions.