There are many tools, didactic articles and much materials that scholars use to facilitate research in Hadith Studies and we will try to list them here. If you have any suggestions to be added to our selection, do contact us!

Footprinter, A Qur’an footprint tracker in fiqh literature by Yusuf Çelik

Footprinter is an online application that aids in the analysis and tracking of the Qur’an’s footprint in fifty-five works of substantive law extracted from the following online resources:,,, and


Çelik, Y. and Lange, Christian. (2021) “Computing and visualizing the Qur’an’s footprint in fifty-five works of Islamic substantive law (2021).” Utrecht University. doi: 10.24416/UU01-FPSKJO.

An Informal Guide to Sezgin’s Geschichte des Arabischen Schriftums by Richard Heffron

For students unfamiliar with Sezgin’s Geschichte des Arabischen Schriftums, this informal guide is the perfect starting point to learn how to use this precious encyclopedic work proficiently.